Town of DeWitt

Ed Michalenko for Town of DeWitt Supervisor


I am committed to making DeWitt a community where people want to live, worship, work, shop and play.


Ed Michalenko


After 11 years as Town Councilor, Ed Michalenko now serves as the Dewitt Supervisor. He lowered Town taxes by 3%, with no increase for 2010, and offset the loss of sales tax revenue without increasing the overall budget in 2011. He has chaired the Dewitt Solid Waste Committee and Traffic Task Force, and has served on the Engineering, Budget, Fire Protection, and Advisory Conservation Committees.

Ed designed Dewitt’s tiered Solid Waste Removal System that lowers costs and promotes recycling. He helped establish a Town Park at Fiddler’s Green along Butternut Creek, and serves as a founding Director of the Fiddlers Green Park Association. He opened Board meetings to the public and has been a strong advocate of the environment. Ed stopped a proposed coal gasification plant in Jamesville and is working with the property owner to fund and plan a green development.

Ed’s plans for DeWitt include:

  • Establish a long term budget strategy to hold the line on property taxes.
  • Develop a townwide network of parks, trails, and recreational facilities.
  • Implement a storm water management system to mitigate runoff in flood prone neighborhoods, improve water quality, and enhance the environment.
  • Expand the Sustainability Policy to guide Town practices into the future.
  • Acquire alternate energy systems for Town facilities to lower our carbon footprint and reduce costs.
  • Promote and incorporate smart growth in business and economic development.
  • Continue providing an accessible, open, transparent, and responsive government.

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